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The Gold Barbs in the tank beside me died an unfortunate death from CO2 poisoning. My husband had a cheap regulator attached to a CO2 bottle and no pH controller. It was quite a shock for him to wake up one morning and see the carnage he had caused. He has since purchased a better regulator and a pH monitor/controller for his plant tank.

Recent plant tank closeups are below.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

The 29-gallon plant tank displayed above has a Perfecto SHO 55-watt Power Compact Light with a 6700 K bulb over the rear of the tank and a Perfecto Double-Strip Light with two 20-watt Vita-Lites over the front of the tank. Photoperiod is seven hours.

Substrate is black gravel with laterite and ground up Terrapur that has produced thick Cryptocoryne growth. AquaClear 300 filter with sponge insert provides primary water circulation. Renaissance Prime 10 canister filter filled with Siporax provides biological filtration and circulation for Ultralife 2"x12" CO2 Reactor.  Compact CO2 regulator and Metallic Check Valve, both high quality items from
Monolith Marine Monsters, connected to Ultralife Bubble Counter. 20-pound CO2 canister secured with bungee cord.

Water replaced with RO/DI water. Occasional 5-gallon water changes and supplement of Floreal and Plant Gro. No carbon use. Temperature kept at 79 degrees. pH kept at 7.0. GH and KH are at 6. Cardinal Tetras, Flying Foxes, Panda Corydoras, Plecostomus and Otocinclus are fed mainly with flake food and are occasionally fed freeze-dried tubifex and frozen foods.

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